Takeshi SAKURAI(M.D., Ph.D. Professor)

Prof. Sakurai, well-noted for his research on arousal control mechanisms and renowned for his discovery of the neuropeptide orexin with Masashi Yanagisawa (Sakurai, et al. Cell 1998, which presently exceeds 3400 citations) is also interested in circadian rhythm-associated behaviors including appetite and emotions. He also has his own lab in Univ. Tsukuba.


Masanori SAKAGUCHI(M.D., Ph.D. Principle Investigator)

I conduct basic research on adult neurogenesis to advance the field of regenerative medicine. The current challenge in this field is to understand the mechanisms of how new-born neurons integrate into pre-existing neuronal circuits. Recently, our group discovered a key sleep feature for adult-born neurons in memory formation. Therefore, our lab is currently in a very exciting time, with new findings generated each day. I welcome motivated and self-driven researchers and students. Please contact me directly if you have any questions.

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Deependra KUMAR(Ph.D., Government founded fellow(JSPS FPD))

I completed a Master’s degree specializing in sleep at Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi and a PhD degree on the role of warm sensitive receptors in sleep regulation from All India Institute Of Medical Science. I then worked as a postdoctoral fellow at the Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry in Munich, where I studied sleep EEG biomarkers for psychiatric disorders such as post-traumatic stress disorder, which is associated with sleep abnormalities and cognitive impairments. Recent studies suggest relationships among adult-born hippocampal neurons, sleep, memory, and the stress response. My current research focuses on the role of adult-born hippocampal neurons in NREM and REM sleep regulation and sleep stage-dependent memory formation using optogenetics and behavioral analysis.

Sakthivel Srinivasan(Ph.D. Posdoc)

I am Sakthivel Srinivasan, Post-Doctoral Fellow (Foreign Researcher-Takeda Science Foundation). Basically, I am from the interdisciplinary background. I did my masters in Biotechnology and Toxicology, Where I have worked in the field of Pharmacology. In my Ph.D., I have worked on the effect of stress in Central Nerves System and therapeutic approach, in the University of Madras, India. I have newly joined this group to study about adult-born neurons and neurobehavior. My current research focuses on memory consolidation, sleep and adult-born neurons. I am very much interested in light genetics/sleep science. My hobbies are playing cricket and cycling. I like to learn Japanese culture.

Toshie Naoi(Technical Staff)

To be annouced soon.

Sima SINGH(Technical Staff)

I am Sima Singh. I am participating in Sleep Data Scoring and Electroencephalogram Analysesat IIIS. I did Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication. Previously I was writing on social and economic issues in India. Scientific journalism is another area I wish to cover. In order to understand the scientific development I got opportunity to observe and understand experimental procedures in Sakaguchi lab.

Pablo Ismael Vergara García(Ph.D. candidate)

To be annouced soon.

Pimpimon Nondhalee(MSc, candidate)

Please call me Mod for short. That is my nickname. I was born and raised in Thailand. After getting Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Mahidol University with second class honors, I come to the University of Tsukuba to continue my Master’s degree in Medical Sciences. I am very curious about memory, which makes us to be us. Also, people spend so much time in sleeping. I wonder why we had to do like this in our life. Investigating the mystery of memory and sleep is very exciting. So, I enjoy working in the lab every day. During free time, I enjoy reading many kinds of books and traveling.

Iyo Koyanagi(Ph.D. candidate Thesis project)

Hello. My name is Iyo Koyanagi. I’m majoring in medical science in University of Tsukuba. Before I came this university, I had belonged to department of chemical engineering in National Institute of Technology, Nara Collage. In my former school days, I knew that good sleep may make human life happier, and became to want to learn about function of sleep more depth. So it is an honor to join this lab. I’ll do my best, and would like to get skills to be a unique scientist. I like listening a clear sound of trumpet, eating delicious foods, and talking with my friends! Thank you.

Ryunosuke Chiba(Ph.D. candidate)

I am a first year master candidate in Kansei, Behavioral, and Brain Sciences. I study the role of New born neurons of Dentate Gyrus of hippocampus in memory by using behavioral tasks in mice. Before I joined in this team, I have learned biology in the Ibaraki University, and studied genetics of Silkworm in Futahashi laboratory. The reason why I come here is that I am interested in the brain function for generation of consciousness, especially memory. I enjoy working in this lab, IIIS, University of Tsukuba. Tsukuba is a very good place which is international, full of nature, and very academic. During my free time, I enjoy watching Japanese Anime, reading fantasy novels, and searching something interesting in web or books.



Mayumi Adachi